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A Somatic Meditation

brown ceramic cup with smoke
Photo by Sayak Bala on Unsplash

A somatic meditation is a meditative practice that allows us to practice mindfulness while seeking and lovingly transforming our internal sensations. We come in tune with our minds and bodies and the vastly complicated network of sensory information that is in constant communication within us at all time. Somatic meditations have become an important part off my daily practice to help me develop self-trust, invite expansion into my spirituality, and connect with myself in new ways.

Today’s somatic meditation is on developing self-kindness. Join me as we explore ways to initiate self-kindness as we root deeper into our own embodied self-kindness.

Thank you for listening to today’s meditation! I’d love to know what you felt and discovered in today’s practice. Please use the comment section below to share your experience.

thique theopoetique
This is a podcast the provides somatic meditations and (occasionally) conversations for people who are healing from high control environments and seeking to envision a world where dignity and agency are at the center.
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