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Pursuing a Restorative Motherhood

Pursuing a Restorative Motherhood

For today’s interview I speak with Sharday Renee about all the things relevant to us as Black, Indigenous and Asian moms with trauma. We start the conversation with our experiences birthing our pandemic babies, how the Black maternal health crisis impacts our maternal care, why gentle parenting isn’t enough for moms with trauma, and creating our own vision for a restorative-ancestral-wisdom-spiritual-healing-based motherhood.

Sharday is a wife to one, mama to three young royalty. She is a social reformer currently returning home to the art of storytelling. This tradition is an artform that is deeply embedded into her through her afro-Indigenous roots. Sharday is most aligned within herself when she nurtures empowered-interwoven stories to inspire those around her to rise.

Show notes:

The Black Maternal Health Crisis in America

how it all ends
thique theopoetique
This is a podcast the provides somatic meditations and (occasionally) conversations for people who are healing from high control environments and seeking to envision a world where dignity and agency are at the center.
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